A war-time drama that was shot on Wirral is set to showcase at one of the World's most iconic film studios.

Enemy of the Heart was selected from nominees around the world to be screened at the prestigious Pinewood Studios having competed with 25 countries to win the Jury Prize for Best Feature Film at the Global Lift Off Film Festival earlier this month.

During it's 85-year history, the UK-based studio has become synonymous with some of the World's biggest film and productions, hosting Hollywood's finest to shoot scenes for Star Wars, Superman, The Hobbit, James Bond and Killing Eve.

Enemy of the Heart has won more than 30 accolades in Rome, Florence, New York, New Jersey, Miami, Cannes, Toronto, Tagore and London.

Created by Claryn Scott, the film is inspired by true events and centres around an AngloItalian family living in Liverpool during the outbreak of war.

Wirral Globe:

Jack O'Connor in scene from the film

On June, 10, 1940, anti-Italian riots erupted across the UK in response to Benito Mussolin's allegiance with Adolf Hitler to attack France and Britain. Overnight, Italians living in Britain, were considered a threat to national security and arrested, interned and sent aboard the S.S Arandora Star destined for Canada.

Two days following the ship's departure from Liverpool, transporting German, Austrian and Italian internees, it was torpedoed by a German U-Boat. More than 800 men lost their lives.

Wirral Globe:

Production shot from the film

Scenes for the production were filmed in Thurstaston.

Child lead, Jack O'Connor received several Best Child Actor accolades for his portrayal of Luca Cipriani, a young Liverpool boy facing prejudice when his Italian father is interned as an Enemy Alien.

Directed by Claryn Scott, Jay Podmore and Jason L.Ricketts, the film's cast includes Mattia Paradiso, Julia Ross, Joseph Stanley, Lucy Wareing, Michael Dolan and Jack O'Connor.

Wirral Globe:

Enemy of the Heart's co-director Claryn Scott and award-winning young star Jack O'Connor

Neston-based actor Derek Herbert portrays the role of wartime British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.

Wirral Globe:

Mattia Paradiso in scene from the film

Claryn said: "As soon as production began, we knew we had something special.

"The cast and crew instantly clicked and it felt like we'd known each other for years. At the very least, we had an amazing time bringing this aspect of history to life.

"We could never have envisaged the success the film would receive and we're always blown away by the support and feedback. It's been an incredible year and we're ecstatic to be selected for Pinewood.

"That really is something special."