A WIRRAL mum made positive use of lockdown to write, illustrate and publish her first children's book.

Claire McPherson, from Neston, gave birth to son Eddie on March 13, 2020 - three days before Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the country was in lockdown to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

The prospect of isolation was a very scary and isolating time, so Claire decided to "try and make something positive whilst we were all locked away!"

Eddie the Ogre - a tale of the magical mishaps of a little Ogre, who dreams of being a magician - was the result.

Wirral Globe:

Claire (pictured, above, with Eddie) said: "The book started life as a little drawing project back in early 2015, when the Ogre didn’t have a name and the story was just a jumble of ideas and images.

"The sketches were put away and forgotten about for years, until my son Eddie found them whilst rooting around in a drawer he shouldn't have been in!

Wirral Globe:

'Eddie the ogre' book cover

"The expression of wonder on his face as he turned each page was the inspiration needed to finally finish the book and illustrate the last few scenes to make it complete.

"The intention was never to publish the story, but there was enough interest from friends and parents who had seen the illustrations, that I decided to self-publish.

"I am extremely happy that I did, because now the story of Eddie’s magical misadventures is being enjoyed by children all around the world!"

Claire recalled: "We got home from the hospital just a couple of days before the first UK lockdown.

"It was a very scary and isolating time so I decided to try and make something positive whilst we were all locked away!

Wirral Globe:

Claire's son Eddie reading the book

The book was self-published on amazon in time for Eddie's second birthday.

Wirral Globe: One of Claire's illustrations from Eddie The Ogre

Claire said: "Since then, I have made a little read-aloud video of the book for a paediatric cancer charity called Love Smiles and would like the story to reach as many kids as possible.

"So I also put the video up on Youtube so any children can watch it for free! The video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfuALuRUfsY

"I also have a little author website at www.eddietheogre.com

"Unfortunately I completely neglected social media until now which means I don't have many means to share the link and get it to as many children as possible.

"Hopefully that's where you can come in, by spreading the word to your readers."