HISTORY has never been this much fun.

The six wives of Henry VIII are often found in various states of emotional turmoil in TV dramas, films and novels apart from the famous Carry On version.

So it's refreshing to give this sextet of women the chance to 'sound off' in a modern way - with fiesty lyrics and some cracking up and low tempo pop melodies .

Just like Horrible Histories they make education entertaining.

Five years ago writer Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss created the inspiring Six - and it is now secured its place as a history-based musical show with a panoramic future.

Lucy also directs with Jamie Armitage and they squeeze every magic moment out of the 75 minute - no interval - production.

It's a very fast-paced and funny show all round - the type of theatre you wished you had had at school ... breathing life into famous faces and dates.

The facts are all there - they've just been spiced up.

And there's more than a hint of Spice Girl power here.

A four-piece on stage band are quite stunning - the Ladies in waiting provide, bass, guitar, drums and keyboards under the baton of musical director Anna Senger.

The lighting is pretty impressive - fabulously-flashing neon lights darting up and down and across the stage.

A veritable Tudor disco.

I last saw Six at the Playhouse two years ago and was knocked out by the sheer high voltage (and powerful quieter moments) from the versatile performers playing our very different Queens of Engjand in futuristic studded costumes - adding extra sparkle.

This current touring version is equally exceptional.

And Liverpool loves its musicals as shown by the right raucous royal reception. . . whooping and hollering in between witty but sparse dialogue and each well-structured song.

Each number helps the narrative along.

No Way: Catherine of Aragon (Chloe Hart); Don't Lose Your Head: Anne Boleyn (Jennifer Caldwell); Heart of Stone: Jane Seymour (Casey Al- Shaqsy); Get Down: Anna of Cleves (Grace Melville); All You Wanna Do: Kaheriner Howard (Jaina Brock Patel) and Don't Need Your Love: Caherine Parr (Alana M Robinson).

There's also superb group songs: Six of the title and the outstanding MegaSix - a golden confetti showered finale.

Six is simply sensational.

Globe verdict: Five stars

This Royalty Reigns Supreme.

Its Liverpool Empire run ends on Saturday.

Tickets from the box office on 0844 871 7615