FORTY years on from the outbreak of the Falklands War, a Wirral veteran's first book on the conflict "questions decisions made by both aggressor and defending nations".

Paul Cardin's Return to Bomb Alley 1982 offers, in his words, a probing and alternative account of the 74-day conflict.

Paul - who was a Royal Navy radio-operator based on HMS Yarmouth in San Carlos Bay (aka Bomb Alley) during the conflict - takes a journalist stance as he questions the political and military decisions made by the British and Argentine governments during the Falklands Conflict.

Included is a daily diary which forms a timeline of events, written by Paul on location in the war zone in 1982.

He revisits and analyses the political and military decisions made by both the British and Argentine governments of the time.

His diary entries provide a useful and 'up close and personal' timeline to events as they unfolded.

Paul told the Globe: "It's taken me forty years to write this book.

"I feel the people of Wirral and Merseyside will appreciate an account that provides a well-researched, alternative take on these events, particularly coming from someone who experienced so many of the major naval incidents.

"HMS Yarmouth was a busy ship, but also a very lucky ship.

"My diary tells how we rescued the captain and survivors from the stricken HMS Sheffield, the entire crew from HMS Ardent and later stood by to assist our shipmates on HMS Glamorgan following the land-based Exocet attack."

As a 22-year-old radio operator in the Royal Navy, Paul was stationed on HMS Yarmouth when it was in San Carlos Bay, known colloquially as Bomb Alley.

During his time there, he saw ships being bombed, sunk and watched his friends and comrades being injured and killed.

Return to Bomb Alley 1982 is part memoir, part-critical account of the way in which the Falklands Conflict was handled.

Although often referred to as a war, neither Britain nor Argentina ever made a formal declaration but the days which followed the Argentinian invasion of the Falkland Islands saw more than 900 people lose their lives and many others left with lasting physical and mental injuries.

Published by Shilka Publishing, the book is described as "a gripping read for anyone who wants to know more about the Falklands Conflict.

"Offering an alternative perspective to the general view on the conflict, Return to Bomb Alley 1982 feels all the more pertinent as the conflict’s 40th anniversary is marked, and the horrific situation in Ukraine reawakens our consciousness to the questionable motivations of war.

"As well as telling his own story through diary extracts and a timeline, the author takes a thorough and journalistic approach to this period of history, asking tough questions about why and how certain decisions were made, what was really going on in the background.

"Just what was the role played by the British Government and Margaret Thatcher?

"What were their main motivations and how did they use the conflict to their advantage in the years which followed?"

Paul said: "Britain in 1981 was a divided nation. With three million unemployed, inflation at 18%, riots breaking out across all the major cities, and Mrs Thatcher's approval rating stood at just 23%.

"The book charts Mrs Thatcher’s and her ministers' movements and I believe the Prime Minister was desperate for a reversal in her fortunes, and quickly."

He continued: "I should state from the outset, here I am with a book out, one that's stuffed with facts and opinions.

"Much of the content here isn't so hard and fast and will be questionable – which goes with the territory – and it won’t be easy for readers to discern truth.

"Upon completing the book, please feel free to go with your own gut feeling and to reach your own verdict on the authenticity of the content.

"My book differs from the usual war memoir.

"It is journalistic in style, and I've written it from a neutral perspective, favouring neither country.

"The book expresses misgivings about the political leadership of both nations and the West in the 21st century, I've also provided evidence and links to support my findings."

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