BANDS from across Wirral are coming together for a charity gig event in aid of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

The event will be hosted by local band The Beat Pilots and will see a variety of Wirral musicians playing live on the day.

The gig will take place at the Grange Pub in Moreton and is set to be a family-friendly event with raffle prizes to raise funds.

Drummer of the Beat Pilots, Dave Walker, told the Globe: “The idea originally came about after I saw an advert on TV showing children in Ukraine being given toys and it upset me because I thought there was nothing I could do.”

Wirral Globe: BurnoutsBurnouts

Dave, who also has a four-year-old daughter, said seeing the advert made him think of ways he could help the families suffering from the war.

He said: “The advert showed this little girl singing frozen in her basement and it just broke my heart. I thought I’d hate that to be my daughter in that situation.”

Wirral Globe: Electric Hat BandElectric Hat Band

Dave and the rest of his bandmates, Nic Smith and Aaron Sherlock, have hosted previous charity events which have seen them raise thousands for local causes.

After brainstorming ideas together, the band decided to host a charity band day.

Dave said: “We thought the one thing we can do is help provide some money for the humanitarian aid as a band.

Wirral Globe: Indigo JoveIndigo Jove

“We put a post out on Facebook to try and gauge what interest there was, and we got a really great response.

“Other bands started volunteering and once it began to materialise, I contacted the manager of the Grange who has been brilliant.”

Since the announcement of the event, Dave said many local people have been offering their help.

Wirral Globe: Ryan MonoreyRyan Monorey

He said: “It’s just snowballed really, people have been dropping raffle prizes off their own back because they just want to help.

“We’ve also set up a Facebook event and had a good response to people saying they’re going to come down. We’re expecting a really great day.”

Wirral Globe: The Beat PilotsThe Beat Pilots

The charity gig day will see performances from Wirral cover bands and originals.

Event-goers can expect sets from The Beat Pilots, Burnouts, Electric Hat Band, Indigo Jove, and Ryan Moroney.

The event will take place at the Grange Pub in Moreton on May 1 from 12pm. Those attending will not need a ticket but are asked to make a donation. To find out more information click here.