IT’S 10 years this April since much-loved Liverpool nightclub Le Bateau closed its doors.

For a generation of music fans, the Duke Street venue was synonymous with Liquidation - a Saturday night indie club which saw crowds of up to 600 flock to its sticky dance floors for all kinds of messiness soundtracked by classics from the likes of The Smiths, Blur and the Chemical Brothers.

This weekend sees Liquidation revived for one night only at Birkenhead’s Future Yard with the club night’s original DJs manning the turntables for one more night of hedonistic nostalgia.

“I’m really looking forward to it,” said Liquidation’s founder Jules Bennett. “It doesn’t feel like 10 years since I was walking into Le Bateau and I lived on Duke Street until recently so would walk past it every day so I couldn’t help missing it.”

Liquidation started at Le Bateau in 1996 after a move from Hardy’s on Hardman Street and despite later stints at Heebie Jeebies and Magnet, it’s Duke Street which always felt like home.

“In 1996, Duke Street was like the very outskirts of the city centre,” said Jules. “There were loads of derelict buildings but the owner kept telling us it would be on the up. You had to make the effort to go there and that filtered out a lot of the idiots - you could have a couple of beers and then head out and that’s where you’d stay for the rest of the night.”

The club night has played a huge part in people’s lives over the years with many able to recall first meetings with future partners in Le Bateau’s dark corners.

“I’m like the Cilla Black of indie Liverpool,” laughed Jules. “There’s people who met there who are still married 20 years later.

“Six hundred people came in every week for 15 years so there are a lot of stories - all the bands who were coming up in Liverpool would come down and it was the place to be if you wanted to come and dance to Joy Division on a Saturday night.”

Jules will be manning the decks on Saturday so what is the one song that epitomises Liquidation?

“Misshapes by Pulp,” he added. “We were always nerds and misfits!”

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