A boxing gym in New Ferry, which opened its doors before the pandemic, has been “full every session” according to a training coach.

Sean Keshahova, 41, runs sessions at New Ferry Amateur Boxing Club four nights a week helping to train New Ferry residents.

Sean, from Bromborough who has been coaching at the gym since April, said since the gym opened it has had a “positive impact” in the local community.

“We are based yards away from where a lot of antisocial behaviour happens involving young people. All those kids are in our gym training all the time now.

“We are trying to help them improve their lifestyles. As much as we do want to produce champions, the main thing for us is helping kids get off street corners and getting in trouble with the police,” he told the Globe.

With the gym growing in popularity, Sean said they hope to register with England Boxing to become and official amateur club which will allow locals to compete.

He said: “On the Wirral there is not many amateur boxing clubs it’s really took off in the area. Everyone loves it and people that are in the area just come in to watch people train."

“The main goal for me is getting kids fit and healthy and hopefully having a positive impact on their lives.

“Some of the kids have nothing but they love watching boxing on TV and when they do come here they are keen to fight so I tell them if they come to the gym consistently then they will eventually get to fight.

“It really motivates them to keep coming back so it’s having a really positive impact.

“Most people would judge them but once you speak to them like an adult and get them in the gym with a little bit of discipline, they love it. They’re not bad kids," he added.

As well as coaching young people, Sean also coaches women only classes and mixed adult sessions.

He said: “We train six-year-olds all the way up to people in their 70s. We help adults with serve mental health issues, people who are trying to lose weight and elderly people with Parkinson’s.

“The family of the man I train with Parkinson’s have come up to me and said they can’t believe how much he has improved. It really is having a massive impact on the New Ferry community.”