Former Love Island star Katie Salmon has announced that she is expecting a baby with her fiance.

Back on Christmas Day, her partner Harry proposed to her and now the couple are ready to welcome their new child later this year.

Salmon announced the news in an Instagram post, saying that she had been "Busy Creating Life".

She added: "First came love, then came you! ✨ 6 months pregnant with our biggest blessing. I’ve kept this between close friends and family for a while but my beautiful baby bump is getting hard to hide.

"We love you so much already baby and cannot wait to meet you. I couldn’t do this journey with anybody else other than my best friend. 2022 my favourite year off all, The year I marry my love and we become a family."

The post showed videos of her baby scans and Salmon showing off her baby bump.

Salmon made history on Love Island when it was on ITV2, being part of the first same-sex coupling with the late Sophie Gradon in 2016.

Fellow Love Islander Olivia Bowen commented on the post, saying: "BABE. So happy for you guys."

Salmon's partner Harry also commented, saying: "2022 is going to be amazing. I love you so much and can’t wait to meet you."