The RSPCA has issued an update on the dead bird that was found to have avian flu in Birkenhead Park.

Three days ago, Wirral Council confirmed a case of avian flu had been found in a bird after tests were conducted last week after dead birds were removed from the park.

The news came as outbreaks of the H5N1 strain had been found across the country.

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The RSPCA were called to the park to help after a “sick male swan” was identified as showing signs of the disease.

RSPCA Inspector Anthony Joynes said: “I was called out on Wednesday (January 12) to help a sick male swan in Birkenhead Park after park staff and members of the public had noticed him starting to deteriorate a few days ago.

“Sadly, the swan had become so poorly that when I arrived he was floating on the water with his head on his wings, incredibly lethargic and uninterested in food.

“I retrieved him from the water but sadly on closer inspection he was clearly suffering, and his symptoms appeared to be consistent with Avian Influenza.

“The decision was made to put the swan to sleep to prevent him from suffering any further.

“From a personal perspective, I visit the park regularly with my family and have enjoyed feeding this family of swans for a long time so it was incredibly sad for me to deal with.”

He added: “Defra has been informed for testing purposes. Bird flu can affect all types of birds and it is important that it is taken seriously by everyone.

“This includes those who keep backyard flocks of birds, producers of farmed birds and even those who feed wild birds in their garden.

“The Government (Defra) is leading the drive to manage the spread of this horrible bird disease, which has no known cure.

“Where requested, the RSPCA is working with the Government and others to help manage suspected outbreaks in local wild bird populations."