On May 20, 2020, the UK was two months into its first lockdown and many were struggling, isolated from their friends and family.

While many were left in difficult circumstances, a “bring your own booze” party was allegedly held in the gardens of Downing Street.

A leaked email this week showed over 100 people had been invited, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson, to what number 10 referred to as “socially distanced drinks”.

On Wednesday, Boris Johnson admitted he attended the garden party and apologised to the House of Commons, explaining he thought it was a “work event”.

Since the turn of events, the Prime Minister has been met by many with anger and frustration.

We reached out to Globe readers to find out what they were doing on the day of the lockdown party.

Jayne Kayleigh said: “My mum got put on end of life and was stuck in hospital for months and was not allowed any visitors.

“She passed away a few months later and all we could do was speak through facetime, no cuddles. The amount of lives he’s ruined is disgusting.”

Helen R Smith commented: “I was desperately trying to keep the whole family’s mental health in check, reassuring my Autistic son that this wasn’t forever and wondering if I’d ever see my little brother again.”

Vicky Susan Webster posted: “Seeing my nan who was 86 on the doorstep to keep her safe while I worked in care.

“Also only seeing my mum and dad on the front to keep them safe watch my daughter and son break down because they couldn’t have normal school and university life here.

“Watching friends losing loved ones and minimal numbers at funerals. Just heartbreaking. So angry.”

Keri Watt said: “At that time as my son was in a care home all we could do is see and speak to him on video which was really difficult for us and him

“I only left the house to see my GP and my partner left only to shop for essentials for us.”

Michael Ae Jones added: “Was still grieving as four days earlier was my brothers funeral, with limited members of family present.”

Ashleigh Jade Connelly posted: “My mum was getting ready to go into hospital to have major surgery on the 28th May to try to remove her cancer.

“She had to do it all alone, and I felt completely useless as her daughter. Boris has a lot to answer for.”

Colette Louise commented: “I'd just buried my father but I'm so glad Boris had such a good time in lockdown.”

Jen Zydrate Benyon said: “I was sitting on my own, waiting for the one hour I had online Zoom dance class, out of five days entirely alone a week while my fiancé either slept or worked five 12 hour night shifts a week.

“I probably had a cry after being told I should be grateful to live with someone and to not be so selfish as to wonder why people in my situation weren't allowed a bubble.”

Kasia Kukczykajtis added: “Had to go into hospital because they couldn’t find my baby’s heartbeat and my partner couldn’t even come in with me.”

Claire Gornall said: “I was working extra hours as a support worker and getting home after everyone was in bed.”

Sarah Rankin posted: “I was working 12-hour shifts and talking to my family through a window. The whole lot of them need to go they tell one lie after another.”

Do you remember where you were on May 20? Leave your comments below.