WALLASEY MP Dame Angela Eagle has called for Boris Johnson to resign if he did attend a lockdown breaching drinks party at Downing Street.

The Prime Minister is accused of attending a “bring your own booze” party held in the gardens of No 10 on May 20, 2020.

It is alleged more than 40 people were at the gathering, at a time when Covid rules stated you could meet no more than one person, socially distanced, outdoors.

Yesterday (Tuesday) in Parliament, Labour MPs lined up to criticise Johnson for sending Paymaster General Michael Ellis MP instead of appearing himself to defend an alleged email that invited staff to the party.

Senior civil servant Sue Gray has been appointed to head an enquiry into suspected Downing Street parties during lockdown.

Labour former minister Dame Angela told the Commons: "Perhaps it would be faster if Sue Gray were to investigate the days there weren't parties."

She added Mr Ellis had been sent to "defend the utterly indefensible", noting: "We know, do we not, that an invite to a bring your own booze party was sent out for May 20 when 268 people died in hospital on that day.

"We know that it was illegal to meet anyone outside of your own household except one person overnight, so what is there to wait for?

"The Prime Minister should come here now, fess up and tell us what happened."

Talking to the BBC's Newsnight programme, Dame Angela said: "He (Mr Johnson) has clearly lied and has kept on lying hoping that the truth wouldn't catch up with him.

"It has caught up with him and now he needs to fess up and face the consequences. This dissembling, this smirk that is driving most of the country up the wall and that comes across his face whenever he actually tells a porky, it has all got to end.

"He now has to be honest and truthful - those that have been bereaved demand it, those who followed the rules demand it, the country demands it."

The Commons chamber is expected to be packed today (Wednesday) for Prime Minister’s Questions as MPs watch to see if he can turn round an increasingly perilous position.

With the public mood turning increasingly angry, two snap polls found a majority now believed Mr Johnson should stand down as Prime Minister.