A CHARITY supporting children with cerebral palsy had a surprise boost from the kind-hearted winner of its recent prize draw.

Norman Lovely scooped £500 in Stick 'n' Step's Christmas raffle and immediately returned his prize money as he wanted to ensure the charity benefited as much as possible from the fundraising event.

Norman, who lives in Thingwall, has been keen to support Stick 'n' Step ever since his youngest grandson Jude, aged 4, who has cerebral palsy, started attending the charity's Wallasey centre two years ago.

Norman said: "My daughter Nicola takes Jude to conductive education sessions at Stick 'n' Step's Wallasey centre every week.

"He was very shy to start with but has really come on and enjoys it so much now.

"My daughter says he is much more sociable as a result, and she is so pleased with his progress.

"I never expected to win a prize in the raffle. I bought a ticket as it seemed such an easy way to support the charity that has helped my family.

"As a retired teacher, I've always been motivated by seeing children succeed and that's what Stick 'n' Step helps them do, every day.

"I was thrilled to win but it didn't occur to me to keep the money - it seemed obvious that I should just give it back so Stick 'n’' Step can go on helping as many children as they can."

Head of Fundraising at Stick 'n' Step Esther Whitaker said: "What a really lovely gesture from Mr Lovely!

"We are so grateful to him for choosing to donate his prize money back to us.

"It costs £5,500 to fund a child's place for a year so we rely on the generosity and enthusiasm of our supporters to enable us to keep delivering our services to over 100 children every week at our two centres in Wallasey and Runcorn."

Stick 'n' Step offers support services to children with cerebral palsy and their families.

The charity provides the children with totally free of charge conductive education sessions, allowing them to gain the skills they need to live more independent lives.

More than 100 children from across the region usually attend these sessions weekly or twice weekly at the charity’s Wallasey and Runcorn centres.

To find out more about how to get involved with Stick 'n' Step's forthcoming events, visit www.sticknstep.org.