THE team behind Birkenhead venue Future Yard have announced a new series of gigs for kids designed to introduce children to the world of live music in a safe and fun environment.

Mosh Tots will feature a live house band playing party anthems on a Sunday morning with kids being treated to a heady mix of pop bangers, Disney classics and rock anthems.

Mosh Tots has been created by the Future Yard team, including co-founder Craig Pennington.

“Music is hugely important to our family,” said Craig. “Our kids love the energy, the party, the excitement of rocking out to a live band.

“During the summer we head to our favourite festivals which make up some of our most treasured family memories. But away from those, we don’t get the opportunity to experience live music as a family. Mosh Tots is here to change that… and create a glorious racket in the process!

“Mosh Tots is all about rocking out and having fun. But we’ll be learning something too; about different instruments and how they work together, genres and musical techniques. There will also be a chance for kids to play along and join in with the music making.

“Think Princess Polly meets Daft Punk with a rock-n-roll dollop of Meghan Trainor’s bass thrown in for good measure.

“Mosh Tots is a high octane live show, here to kick start a love of live music that will last a lifetime.”

Mosh Tots will begin in early 2022 with a special launch party, and will then take place weekly. The gigs will take place on Sunday mornings at Future Yard, 75 Argyle Street. Tickets will be limited for each performance.

Mosh Tots is intended for ages three to eight years, though younger and older siblings are also welcome. 10am doors and shows start at 10.15am.

Baby change, accessible facilities and buggy parking are available.

News of the launch party and subsequent dates, with ticketing details, will be announced early this year. Sign up to Future Yard Families mailing list at to receive the latest news on Mosh Tots and all the other family-friendly activities being hosting at Future Yard.