A WOMAN has said she felt ‘toasty inside’ after she witnessed an encounter between a shop worker and customer in Liscard Asda.

Louise Wright Clarke, a support worker for alternative futures group, had finished a night shift when she was queuing up in the store.

At around 8.00am on Monday, December 20, Louise noticed an interaction between the woman working on the till and a man.

“She had said something to him, and he didn’t seem to hear so she began to do sign language to him,” she told the Globe.

Louise said the man looked “so happy” when he realised the cashier was signing to him.

“He signed back he was deaf, and this lovely lady continued to sign all different things to him like, do you need bags?

“I could tell they were talking about Christmas, and he was signing about having a drink and they were laughing together,” she said.

Louise said the man went on his way looking “happy about the interaction” which left her feeling “warm inside”.

When Louise was served by the same woman, she told her it was a “lovely thing” to see and “how special” it was.

Louise said: “Even though she had a mask on I could see she had really kind eyes.”

Louise said the woman then got emotional and thanked Louise before explaining how she had studied it years ago but due to having young children at the time she didn’t manage to finish the course.

“She said she still used it for the customers who needed it though,” Louise added.

After the heart warming interaction, Louise went back to her car to tell her partner what she had just saw.

Louise said: “I tried to ring Asda so I could compliment her but I couldn’t get through, so I got back out my car and went to customer services to speak to the manager about how lovely the lady was.

“The manager said she would get a reward voucher at the end of the day and thanked me for telling her.”

When Louise arrived home, she posted about what she had seen on a Wallasey community Facebook group before going to bed in the hopes of "spreading Christmas cheer".

When Louise woke up the post had over 2,000 views and was flooded with comments of support for the Asda worker.

She said: “I had no idea how many people needed to hear something nice like that. I ended up finding the woman’s family from the post, it turns out she’s called Kim and since the post went up people have been going to that Asda specially to see her.”