THE title says it all in this high-energy, entertaining and educational production.

For those who want fact over fiction in this festive season this 75-minute musical offers a lot of plusses.

Fantastically great women who changed the world is based on one of the picture books by Kate Pankurst. In true audience participation mode: "Is she any relation?" Oh, yes she is.

Prolific author Kate is a direct descendent of Emmeline Pankhurst who was determined to help bring votes for women.

The famous suffragette is one of the diverse 12 women chosen as inspirational figures is this upbeat concept from the creatives who gave the world the hugely successful Six - highlighting the wives of Henry V111.

Here the modern day heroine in the stage adaptation by Chris Bush, is ten-year-old schoolgirl Jade who is on her own in a museum - apart from Bearonce her confidante Teddy.

While taking time away from her fellow schoolmates in the crate- filled Gallery of Greatness she muses on her own life and wishes for adventure.

Her call is answered by a dozen dedicated historical women - each in turn emphasises the need to build on dreams despite the odds being stacked againt ideas and ambitions.

Jade - played by the talented Eva -Marie Saffrey - is encouraged by the prestigious roll call: Amelia Earhart (aviator); Sacagawera (US explorer); Gertrude Ederle (swimmer); Jane Austen (novelist); Freda Hahlo (artist); Marie Christine Chilver (spy): Mary Seacole (nurse); Mary Anning (fossil historian); Marie Curie (Nobel Prize winner) Rosa Parks (human rights activist) and Anne Frank (diarist).

All these women did change lives and this very versatile six strong cast help tell their different stories in a fast-paced, visually strong and acccesible way.

Amy Hodge's direction is reminscent of Horrible Histories and A Night at the Museum with plenty of funny moments.

Powerful vocal and choreographic performances throughout also bring to mind Little Mix and The Spice Girls and, of course, the mould-beaking Six.

A three-piece band high up on an illuminated tier provide suitable punchy backing to the many catchy numbers such as Deeds not Words as well as the lighter balladic touch on the hauntingly beautiuful song Lullaby Little Girl.

One image stuck with me long after I had left the theatre ... Anne Frank - diary in hand - quietly leaves the stage via a staircase. Her giant silhouette spoke volumes.

This feel good family musical, is indeed, full of thought-provoking surprises.

Globe verdict: Four Stars

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