SILENT Sleep is a project led by multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Chris McIntosh.

They make multi-layered, folk-tinged indie music while utilising a broad range of orchestral instrumentation set to triumphantly melancholic acoustic songwriting.

Their show at Future Yard in Birkenhead on Wednesday, December 22 is the first full band Silent Sleep show in three years, featuring members of connected projects Voo, Puzzle and HAARM.

Puzzle also perform as support on the night, bringing their own psych-tinged indie-pop to the table. The group are also set to release new music via Defend Vinyl Records early in 2022.

A spokesperson for the venue said: “We’re extremely proud to be hosting Silent Sleep here at Future Yard to celebrate the long-awaited vinyl pressing on Silent Sleep’s second album Stay The Night, Stay The Morning Too.”

Originally released digitally in 2015, the much-loved record is now getting the vinyl treatment as the first release on the new Defend Vinyl Records label. The limited edition re-release on gold vinyl will also feature some brand new tracks.

“I’m so excited about this,” said Chris. “Let’s all get together and simply have a wonderful Christmas time!”

Doors: 7pm. Tickets £10 from Future Yard is a cashless venue.