THE Christmas lights will be switched in a Birkenhead street this week to help a seriously ill little boy in desperate need of a heart operation.

Taking place on Paterson Street at 6pm on Wednesday (December 1), the switch-on is in aid of Caleb who is unable to leave hospital without a serious heart operation.

He was just nine weeks old when he suffered multiple cardiac arrests at home on Wednesday August 12 last year.

He was transferred from Cardiff to Bristol's paediatric intensive care unit (PICU) where he was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and heart block.

During surgery, Caleb slipped into supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) - a condition that causes the heart to suddenly beat much faster and then slow down abruptly. He had to be shocked to reset his little heart.

After 12 weeks Caleb - whose family live in Claughton Village - was discharged, so he could carry on the recovery at home.

In February, he was back in intensive care. After doing so well at home his pacemaker decided to completely stop working.

As he is so reliant on this, his poor little heart was struggling to beat and slowing down.

He was back in theatre for more surgery and was again ventilated. After another long month Caleb was finally discharged again and allowed to return home.

At the beginning of June, just before his first birthday, Caleb was taken ill again and moved to cardiac intensive care at Great Ormond Street hospital, London where he underwent major open heart surgery to fit a ventricular assist device called a Berlin heart, which takes over the pumping of his blood.

With a Berlin heart fitted, Caleb is not allowed to leave hospital until he gets his new heart.

After doing so well in hospital for several months, in October of this year Caleb suffered multiple strokes and seizures caused by blood clots travelling to his brain.

Wirral Globe:

Picture of Caleb supplied courtesy of his family

After the worst news and an intense two weeks Caleb managed to pull through, yet again proving the doctors wrong.

He has lost the function of the right side of his body but is doing so well with daily intense physiotherapy sessions.

Switching the lights on in Patterson Street on Wednesday night will be Wirral-born radio presented Aaron Hayes, breakfast show presenter on 'Liverpool live radio'.

Billy Gordon, main organiser of the switch-on said: "This is an extremely emotional time for Caleb's parents, Jamie and Jenna, who had to give up their jobs and now take it in turns to travel between London and home to be with their other children.

"The cost of living in London and the two weekly train travel of over 300 miles is so expensive and Jamie and Jenna rely on the kind donations from others to enable them to care for all of their children until Caleb gets his new heart and starts his life again back with his family."

To donate to the fundraising campaign for Caleb, got to: