WHEN Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise left this mortal world for that great vaudeville theatre in the sky, the world knew we would never see their like again.

They were the hardest act to follow.

Could there ever be a tribute act capturing the golden days of telly dominated by the talented twosome?

Happily, there is now - thanks to a warm, slick and glorious homage to the two comedians who will always have a special place in our hearts.

Eric and Ern is from the 2014 Olivier Award-nominated duo Ian Ashpitel and Jonty Stephens - two very versatile and accomplished actors who - like their heroes - are life-long friends.

From the Edinburgh Fringe to the West End, Jonty and Ian have written, directed and performed a cracking show that will bring smiles and, yes, memories to all who see it.

They are themselves fans of the record-breaking double act who dominated the Christmas TV schedules with their brand of family fun and it shows in every adapted sketch, song and dance routine and inspired piece of ad-libing.

Even the late, great Des O'Connor is remembered with affection.

Jonty as Eric and Ian as Ern are so good at what they do that you have to suspend belief at times.

For two hours you really do feel you are in the timeless company of Mr Morecambe and Mr Wise.

The classic routines are there aided by familiar stage props: the lounge and double bed where deluded Ern came up wth the plays what he wrote while child-like Eric distracted him.

There's the famous Grieg's Piano Concerto without Mr Andrew Previn - yet it works magically as the audience know what to expect - each punchline receiving rapturous applause similar to pop stars singing their greatest hits.

Jonry as Eric is gleelful with his paper bag trick, while Ian masterfully plays straight man to Eric's juvenile japes.

There's Mr Memory and a very funny ventrilquist act while Sinead Wall is the singer who soldiers on as the pair try to overshadow her delightful rendition of Send in the Clowns.

It is easy to see why Barry Crier, Ben Elton and members of the Morecambe family are fans.

Eric and Ern (Jonty and Ian) sing the sings Pretty Baby, Positive Thinking and they save the best for last with Bring Me Sunshine.

In these covid-dominated days there is no better booster jab than this entertaining show - catch if you can What did I think of it so far?

Brilliant ...

The show is on until Saturday

Five stars

The Magnificent Two Ride Again.

Tickets are from the box office on 0151 709 4776