A BIRKENHEAD record shop will boycott the new Adele album over claims the hit singer's release is affecting the availability of vinyl.

Ben Savage, of Skeleton Records on Oxton Road, said the shop will not stock Adele's 30 which is released on November 19 following reports that over 500,000 vinyl copies of the album have been pressed.

Many smaller artists and labels have claimed that by pressing up so much vinyl Adele is causing their own albums to be delayed or released in limited numbers pushing up the sale costs for fans.

"I think it's important to stand up for independent bands," said Ben. "By pressing up 500,000 copies of her album, Adele has monopolised all of Europe's pressing plants.

"There have been massive vinyl shortages this year meaning there has been a long waiting list for new releases.

"I know a couple of artists whose albums are now seven months late because they just can't get them pressed."

Vinyl sales have been on the rise since 2006 and last year overtook CD sales for the first time since 1986. The increased demand has been compounded by pandemic-related issues with shipping and supply chains.

"It is incredibly frustrating trying to order anything and it has been for about year," said Ben. "It has been impossible to get hold of some of our best selling albums and the record companies have responded in the worst possible way by not opening more plants and employing more staff but by doubling or trebelling the prices which means we can't stock them anymore.

"A lot of our bestselling albums are ones that are over 30 years old because people want things like Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie and The Beatles - you have to try and explain to customers that you can't physically get hold of them and it's not because you've failed at your job, it's because there's a material shortage."

Thankfully for Ben, Skeleton Records - known universally as 'Skellies' - continues to sell a large amount of second hand vinyl but has not stopped him taking a stand against Adele on social media.

"We have received a lot of interest since we announced the boycott," he added. "At the back of my mind I was hoping some other shops might notice and join in."