THIS week’s edition of Pub of the Week is a three-for-one special as we feature Wirral’s trio of Bow-Legged Beagles.

Owners John Smith and Andy Williams successfully opened their first pub in New Brighton over two years ago before adding further premises in Upton. Next came an outlet in Bromborough Village but after opening in March 2020, the doors promptly closed as the pandemic swept the country and lockdown took over until pubs were able to fully reopen in May this year.

“We’re starting to get back on our feet,” said John. “It’s probably not hit the heights yet as I think there are certain groups who are still a bit worried about mixing in social situations.

“But overall we are seeing a return to normal with all three pubs picking up again.”

In fact John is so confident about the Beagle brand’s future that he is already planning further expansions to the pair’s burgeoning empire.

“We’ll be looking to expand when we can without a shadow of a doubt,” he said. “Once we’ve found the right location we’ll be happy to go again and set up another pub. It’s just about finding the right place on the Wirral for us but we’re ready to go once we see it.”

As well as an outstanding choice of beer, John and Andy promote their establishments as places where the atmosphere is as an important as the product.

“We do try to bring the best beer we can find at the best price to people,” said John. “The emphasis is on new breweries which may have just started with two people running them but now have 10 staff. We try to find them at entry level, work with them and connect with them as well as working with the more established.

“But more importantly we want our places to be safe, friendly, enjoyable spaces where people enjoy the atmosphere – we’re not a large building where you can sit off in a corner and have your pint. Instead, you’re drawn into conversation, it’s a place for building relationships.”

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