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Spooky season has well and truly begun with the return of Scarefest at Alton Towers. 

Visitors to the Staffordshire theme park are able to enjoy all the tricks and treats that the UK's biggest Halloween event has to offer.

From spine-chilling rides and immersive scare mazes to live shows and exciting new attractions, Scarefest has something for the entire family.

We visited on its opening weekend and had a spooktacular day out and overnight stay.

But there is even more creepiness in store with Scarefest running every day from October 15 to Halloween itself, October 31.

While the park was buzzing with live performances from the Alton Ancestors and eerie ghosts were walking the grounds, most rollercoaster queues weren't too long either.

With attractions open until 9pm, thrillseekers can experience their favourite rides in terrifying darkness.

You can also enjoy the Alton Towers Dungeons and creepy favourites like Hex: The Legend Of The Towers and Th13teen for an extra spooky twist on your visit.

Wirral Globe: Scarefest for all the family. Credit: Alton TowersScarefest for all the family. Credit: Alton Towers

In terms of Covid restrictions, the park recommends face coverings and there are hand sanitising stations all around the grounds.

For visitors with young families, there were plenty of ways to get involved in the scary fun too with various live shows including the CBeebies Monster Ball and the Freaky Fun Zone.

Scarefest attractions

Trick O Treat Town

New for 2021, Trick o' Treat town makes the magic and mystery of Halloween something that can happen everyday.

Walk around Trick o' Treat to be in for some fun Halloween treats behind the doors on Spooky Avenue and around the Witchy Woods.

Wirral Globe: Inside Trick o' Treat town. Credit: Alton TowersInside Trick o' Treat town. Credit: Alton Towers

This interactve walkthrough tour is recommended for 8 years+ because when there's treats at Halloween, there's always tricks too.

To go around Trick o' Treat Town, adults need to buy a bag each which can share with up to 2 children who are aged 11 or under.

Scare Mazes

The award-winning hair-raising mazes have also returned to the park this year and they're better than ever. 

Geared for an older audience, the mazes are recommended from 12 years old at the youngest.

Find out what the mazes have in store for you below.

Wirral Globe: Darkest Depths and Toxic Junkyard. Credit: Alton TowersDarkest Depths and Toxic Junkyard. Credit: Alton Towers

Freak Show: Toxic Junkyard

The last of the freaks have gone into hiding- and you must find them before they execute their big show.

Uncover their secrets in the old junk yard before you become the freakshow's main attraction. 

Rated at 15+

The Attic: The Terror of the Towers

Rated at 15+, the Attic is not for the faint of hearted. 

This immersive maze tells the story of the governess who haunts the attic.

Her ghost seeks revenge for the children that died in her charge and she'll seize yours as retribution.

Enter if you dare.

Darkest Depths

Earn your piece of eight by embarking on this spine-chilling ghost ship. 

You need to avoid the sirens and the pirate mutineers before they drag you overboard.

If you survive all that, you'll then come face to face with the deadly Kraken. 

Are you brave enough?

Rated at 12+.

Altonville Mine Tours

Rated at 15+, you must descend into the mines to discover the truth behind the "Skin Snatchers" after some fool opened them for tours.

It is rumoured that these outcasts are hiding their secrets in the deep and dark parts of the mine.

You've been warned.


We stayed in the Alton Towers Hotel during our visit so we could see the park's spooky sights at night.

A stay in one of their comfortable rooms and a delicious buffet breakfast in the Secret Garden Restaurant sets you up for a day of thrill seeking.

An overnight stay means you can explore the ‘Garden Lights Walk: Whispering Souls’, a free attraction returning for 2021 into the evening too.

Overnight stays during Scarefest are available from £55 per person.

This includes free parking, late night live entertainment and breakfast.

Wirral Globe: Garden Light Walk. Credit: Alton TowersGarden Light Walk. Credit: Alton Towers

How to get tickets to Alton Towers Scarefest

You can get tickets to Alton Towers Theme Park during Scarefest from £39 per person, when you book online in advance.

Your entry covers a range of live entertainment, rides in the dark and Garden Light Walk: Whispering Souls ( recommended for 8 years old+).

Access to the award winning mazes and other Scarefest attractions like its new Trick o Treat Town come at additional cost of £10 per person.

Or if you're a regular at the theme park, why not invest in a Merlin Annual Pass which gets you access to more than 25 attractions across the country, including Alton Towers.

Passholders can also take advantage of other benefits from Merlin, unlocking further savings with each visit, including up to 20 per cent discount on food, drinks and retail, up to 20 per cent off short breaks at Resort hotels with Merlin Holiday Club.

A Merlin Monthly Membership gives families the opportunity to split the cost throughout the year with payments starting from £14.99 for the Gold Membership option plus a one-off sign-up fee of £49.99 for Gold Pass and £59.99 for Platinum Pass.

You can buy a Merlin Annual Pass on the website.