ACCLAIMED singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Peter Broderick comes to Birkenhead’s Future Yard on Tuesday, September 28 following the release of his solo album Blackberry in 2020.

Described by the artist himself as “experimental-bedroom-folk-pop”, Blackberry saw US-born Broderick record his first vocal album in five years.

Irish-based Broderick has now released some additional work from the same sessions as his latest EP, The Wind That Shakes The Bramble.

“It weaves itself all through our countryside, playing an important role in holding the soil together, and also makes its way into our cities, proliferating even in such hyper urban environments as London,” said Broderick, of his obsession and devotion to the Blackberry.

“It’s as if the more domesticated we become and the more our technology separates us from the natural world, the Blackberry finds its way into the hearts and minds of us humans, reminding us where we come from.”

Doors: 7pm. Tickets £15 from