Today marks the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks in America and people are reflecting on a moment that changed the world forever.

On this day 20 years ago, the world stood still glued to televisions and radios as they watched and listened to the horrendous news that hijacked planes had crashed into New York’s World Trade Centre and killed 2,996 people.

For many people it would have been an ordinary day of being in work or picking their children up from school.

Now two decades later, many people will remember the exact moment they heard the tragic news unfold.

We asked our readers where they were on September 11, 20 years ago.

Cheryl Fialka said: “I was working for Harrods International at T4 Heathrow I was on the afternoon shift and went for my lunch around 1.30pm I always called home to speak to my parents who were back home in North Wales.

“It was appearing on their tv and they were telling me as I had no idea what was happening. By the time I walked back to my office the information desk was surrounded by crying passengers and the airport was going into total lockdown.

“I didn’t see any footage until I got home around midnight and couldn’t believe what I saw those poor people in Twin Towers and surrounding areas and fire/police services such a terrible loss of so many lives.

“It changed the way of life within airport and airport security forever. A day I’m sure like most people we can never forget.”

Jackie Smith said: “I was on holiday in St. Lucia in the Caribbean. We watched the whole thing on a small TV at the pool area of our hotel thinking initially, it was a disaster movie until the American guests nearby started screaming and crying. It was harrowing. Will never forget it.”

Kathy Molley commented: “Doctors waiting room it came on the TV and there was a collective gasp. All appointments forgotten. The doctors came out to watch it. It was so hard to take it in.”

Son F. Gilmour added: “I was in Malta with my Dad and it was our last day there. Had to fly home that night and I was terrified. There were a lot of scared faces at that airport in Malta and when we landed safely in Manchester the whole plane cheered. It's one day I'll never forget.”

Claire Elizabeth said: “I was Working in Tesco Catterick and watching it on the TV screens in home department. A member of staff got on her knees in front of the TVs screaming that it was the end of the world whilst sobbing. She was sent home. I was flying on holiday on the 14th and never been so scared to board a plane.”

Pat Percival posted: “I was in Curry’s in Bromborough with my husband. There was a big TV screen at the front of the store as we arrived, breaking news as the first Tower was hit, as we stood there, the second plane hit the other Tower. We came straight home.”

Carole Knowles said: “At work in an office alone on an industrial estate in Warrington. The boss rang and said switch on the TV at once. I thought he’d gone mad, then I saw it and thought the world had gone mad. I watched the second plane hit the tower whilst still on the phone with him even though we were speechless. You just needed to not be alone so you could believe your eyes.”

Susan Woolley commented: “Sitting at my computer at work, eating my snack lunch, & idly surfing the internet, when I saw what I thought was a trailer for a new disaster movie. It took a couple of minutes before it sunk in, then I alerted my colleagues to the horrifying news. Then I emailed my brother because he had friends in New York.”

David Hardy said: “On board a flight to Mexico but diverted to Halifax Nova Scotia where we eventually found out what had occurred.

“Our captain on the flight came out of the cockpit to say you may have seen the sun was on the right hand side and now on the left that’s because we have been diverted to Canada there has been a terrorist attack on the pentagon.

“He made no mention of aircraft being used in terror attacks. We arrived at Halifax and eventually allowed of the aircraft I counted 46 aircraft parked on the runway everyone was provided with shelter food and bed for three nights. We departed from Halifax on the Friday afternoon and continued to Mexico.”

Leah Udhin said: “I was downtown in Dixon’s. I walked in and could see everyone standing and watching the TVs, didn’t know what was going on at first, though it was a film at first then someone said there had been a terrorist attack in America. It was awful. Never forget that day. So tragic.”

Jan Lamb said: “Sat in my living room and received a phone call from my daughter 'turn the TV on Mum'.

“I thought it was a movie then realisation hit me, so tragic.

“We were flying to Florida to see my husband’s son and family a few weeks later. So many people had cancelled flights that the plane had to go from Manchester to Birmingham before going on to Orlando.

“An eight-hour flight became a 14 hour flight because of the stop over. The passengers all clapped and cheered for the pilot and crew when we eventually landed.”