BOISTEROUS Theatre company really do live up to their name in this remix production of the John Godber classic - a play written in the 1970s, yet performed consistently through the decades since then.

We meet the quartet of Bouncers of the title now known as 'door supervisors'.

But this is 2021 - and this updated reworking gives a strong sense of time and place with that unwelcome gatecrasher Covid getting plenty of name-checks.

This is Bouncers performed with sparkling slickness and style.

These guardians of the nightclub and discotheques (remember them?) have changed since my day, when I would frequent the likes of the She Club and Tiffany's.

Ah, such halycon days.

I never had any trouble getting in following scrutiny from the moody, muscular tuxedo-clad types who looked you up and down before nodding begrudgingly that you could enter.

This modern version - adapted by acclaimed writer Maurice Bessman - keeps all the trademark techniques of Godber's mould-breaking inovative theatre piece in tact.

Wirral Globe:

Cast of 'Bouncers'. Picture: Ean Flanders Photography

It is presented with crisp, topical dialogue aided by current songs with state-of-the-art choreography.

These bouncers have their security training badges stuck on their arms and are wired up with digital head-sets linked back to 'control.'

They are modern day 'sorters' - four doormen of the nightime apocalypse equipped to deal with customer service.

Directed by Miriam Mussa and designed by Foxton the two-hour (with interval) production wastes no time establishing the streetwise storytellers in their neon-lit domain played by very energetic and versatile actors.

Ralph (Zain Salim), Les (Michael Horsley), Judd (Mutty Burman) and Lucky Eric (Joe Speare) create up to 30 characters from cab drivers and fast food vendors to hooray Henrys and hairdessers.

There is a special appearance by local star DJ Spykatcha. with an on stage platform.

The agile cast also provide stunning acapella renditions of songs from The Temptations to Bruno Mars.

Musical director Tayo Akimbode certainly keeps the adrenalin pumping.

Wirral Globe:

Cast of 'Bouncers'. Picture: Ean Flanders Photography

These bouncers have seen it all - night watchmen observing those who are simply out for fun and those determined seeking love in their once-a-week sojourn for dance-and-drink-induced frolics.

When I first reviewed Bouncers the girls were portrayed dancing around handbags.

Alas, those days are resigned to our nostalgia telly footage.

Now it's the age of social media and selfies courtesy of tightly-gripped mobile phones.

This clever, funny and, yes, Boisterous version gives you a virtual wristband to a lot of escapist, dramatic fun.

Globe verdict: Five stars (one for each of the cast and one for the DJ). - Pulsating, Gyrating, Exciting.

Until September 11.

Tickets from 0151 709 4321.