A Wirral musician, with almost 600,000 followers on TikTok, has released his new single ahead of three sold-out shows.


Michael Aldag, 19, from West Kirby released his new single, ‘Tonsillitis’ on August 13 ahead of his Liverpool and London shows this September.


The singer-songwriter started his career with a place on the Liverpool branch of Levi’s Music Project and a spot at the LIMF Academy.


Michael Aldag said: “Tonsillitis is the most personal song I’ve ever written. I was very low and very alone, but these days I can go back to that song and think: ‘Well, that was how bad I was feeling then, and now I’m feeling better about it’ — it’s a good port of call for any difficult future situations I find myself in.


“My music is for anybody who feels slightly-to-constantly overwhelmed and unsure of who they are, flailing around in this massive ridiculous world.


“I really want to make people feel something.  I don't want it to be niche. I want it to be big, emotional, melodramatic, and with meaning.” 


Alongside his music career, Michael entertains over half a million TikTok followers with his light-hearted humour on British culture.


He has also gained over 32 million likes on his videos with many reaching over a million views.


He added: “It’s a useful platform and my songs have got some humour in them as well, so the two things are not worlds apart.”


To listen to ‘Tonsillitis’ visit https://michaelaldag.lnk.to/TonsillitisPR