Data has revealed that the Wirral Peninsula has the third highest spend per person on mental health support in the England.

The report, from Supplement Place, looked at counsellors and psychologists per person, mental health support spending, wait times and costs across towns and cities up and down the country.

When looking at how accessible mental health support is in Wirral it showed the total expenditure was more than £17 million in total.

The report also highlighted that the local authority in Wirral spends more than £10 million of its mental health support budget on people aged between 18-65 and over £7 million on those aged 65 and over.

When compared to Warrington who spend just over £10 million in total on mental health support.

The data also compared how much towns and cities spend on support per person and which councils are investing the most heavily into supporting those with mental health issues.

Wirral’s spends a total of £52.13 per person compared to Liverpool which worked out as £46.22 per person.

Bristol came out on top with spending the most on individual support with £57.88 per person and a total expenditure of £26,963,000.

Ultimately, the cost of getting help for mental health issues varies depending on a number of factors such as the type of treatment and where you live.

However, data from the NHS estimates that the cost of seeking private counselling usually costs between £10 and £70, while My Online Therapy estimates that seeing a clinical or counselling psychologist costs between £120 and £180.