Amsterdam front man and former Peele frontman, Ian Prowse, has launched a new podcast which explores the stories behind music.

Prowse has teamed up with former BBC Merseyside boss, Mick Ord, and The Baltic Triangle’s, Russell Gannon, to produce a thought-provoking series of shows that gives listeners and insight into his career while discussing some intriguing topics.

The first episode of ‘Misadventures in Music’ sees Prowse and Ord delve into the history of protest music across the globe, investigating the soundtracks behind revolutions across the globe including Northern Ireland, South Africa and Nicaragua.

Dipping in and out of influential songs and compelling conversation, it highlights the power of music to bring about change.

Prowse said: “It’s a very exciting time for me at the moment, with lots of solo gigs following restrictions lifting, the recent Cavern Club Wall Of Fame induction and the Misadventures In Music podcast.

“To be recognised by one of the most prestigious venues in the world and to launch a new podcast project represents a brilliant new chapter for me.

“As many people know, I’ve had quite a colourful career and have performed alongside some of the biggest names in the industry, so I’m keen to share my knowledge and experiences, taking the listeners on epic journeys through music.”

Having performed alongside the likes of The Pogues and close friend Elvis Costello, Prowse brings a wealth of expertise and an abundance of stories to the podcast.

With the intelligence of former BBC Merseyside boss Mick Ord bouncing off Prowse’s quick wit, the shows offer listeners a gripping and stimulating experience.

The Baltic Triangle’s Director and podcast producer, Russell Gannon, said: “There aren’t many people in the industry with more stories and insights than Ian Prowse.

“The aim of the podcast is to tap into all that knowledge, whilst dipping in and out of some fantastic music.

“To have him on board for a Liverpool podcast recorded in The Baltic Triangle is really exciting and I can’t wait to unveil some of the fascinating subjects we’ll be exploring throughout the series.

“We also have some very special guests lined up so the conversations will be riveting!”

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