A THREE-month campaign to reopen libraries in South Wirral has succeeded.

Those in Bromborough and Eastham will both be re-opening, with days and times to be confirmed.

This is to ensure local services to both communities can be resumed.

The libraries have been closed since last year, though Eastham served as a lateral flow testing centre till April.

Due to the wear and tear Eastham has had carpeting replaced.

New window blinds are also on order, after requests from Eastham Lib Dem councillor David Mitchell.

Wirral Lib Dem leader and Eastham ward councillor Phil Gilchrist said: "I have had many anxious requests from readers.

"The service means such a lot to local people.

"In these troubled times it is a sign that some things are returning to normal."

Fellow Eastham councillor Chris Carubia said: "That's great news, I hope to be able to re-start my council surgery’s on Tuesdays as I have done for the last seven years."