THERE are many jobs in which you are never really off duty after clocking off - as Wirral lifeguard Max Evans found when he went to the aid of three swimmers in trouble.

Max, one of the lifeguard seasonal supervisors, spotted three swimmers who were in trouble in the water off of New Brighton beach.

Despite lifeguard patrol times ending at 6pm, Max had been on site organising equipment after his shift when he noticed the swimmers.

Realising that they were in difficulty, Max headed out on a rescue board to the scene to assist the swimmers.

Two of the swimmers were fortunately aided by a passing Jet Skier who helped them back to shore.

Max reached the third casualty who had managed to climb onto a Groin marker to prevent himself from being taken further out.

On the rescue board, Max was able to reach the third casualty and assist him onto the board before paddling him to shore.

Once all three casualties had safely been brought ashore, Max waited with them for the arrival of the Coastguard Rescue Crew who performed a medical assessment of the casualties.

New Brighton lifeboat also responded to the situation but wasn’t required to intervene.

Speaking about the rescue, Max said: "It was really just fortunate that I happened to still be on site and therefore was able to respond.

"Our lifeguard shift for the day had ended almost an hour before.

"Our lifeguards are on patrol between the hours of 10am-6pm on all lifeguarded beaches between the red and yellow flags.

"We would really encourage anyone heading to the coast to locate their nearest lifeguarded beach and swim between the red and yellow flags.

"If we’re not there we won’t be able to help after all." 

To find your nearest lifeguarded beach, head to:

We ask that any visitors to the coast this year remember our key safety advice; Visit a Lifeguarded beach and swim between the red and yellow flags.

If you get into trouble Float to Live – lie on your back and relax, resisting the urge to thrash about Call 999 in an emergency and ask for the Coastguard