A VOLUNTEER-LED service is looking for Wirral riders, controllers and fundraisers to help with an increase in demand for their free emergency transport services in the area.

Merseyside and Cheshire Blood Bikes deliver drugs, blood and human tissue on behalf of the NHS for free– having saved the NHS and hospices approximately £1 million so far.

The service started off by supporting Clatterbridge Cancer Centre with weekend and evening jobs but has since grown to around 6,000 runs a year, 150,000 miles covered and more local hospitals and hospices receiving their support.

Chairman of Merseyside and Cheshire Blood Bikes, Kirk Phillips, said: “The role is rewarding, non-financially. We pay out in fluffy feelings. Dropping off human milk into a neonatal unit and seeing the looks on the nurse’s faces knowing that they can feed babies – you get an amazing feeling from that.

Volunteer riders will be offered training and taken out on test rides with other experienced riders

Volunteer riders will be offered training and taken out on test rides with other experienced riders

“Similarly, if you’re picking up from a lady who is still lactating to take the milk to a milk bank, they’re grateful that you’re picking it up because it’s going to save a baby’s life.

“It’s about serving the local community and everything we do is for the local community.”

Volunteer riders must own a motorcycle, be over the age of 25, have three years riding experience and preferably advanced qualifications – however advanced training can be provided.

Volunteer controllers must be able to use the computer and own their own mobile phone and computer or laptop.

Kirk added: “If jobs aren’t getting done by us then its taxis or other transport that has to come in.

"That’s how we can work out that we can save the local area £300,000.

“But it’s not just about saving, it’s about that money then being concentrated and spent on further patient care.

“Not only are we providing a service where samples can be brought to hospitals quicker so they can give better treatment, but we’re also saving money. I’m really passionate about that.”

To register your interest as a volunteer email Kirk on volunteer@mcbloodbikes.org.uk with your contact information or visit mcbloodbikes.co.uk to find out more.