We asked Globe readers for reasons as to why they love the Wirral.

We reached out to our readers on our Facebook page last week to find out what is one thing they love about living on the Wirral.

Here's what they said...

Walking along the coastline

Whether it’s dipping your toes in the freezing water or taking a sunset walk on one of the three beautiful beaches Wirral has to offer, there’s no denying the sandy shores are a popular hit with locals and tourists.

Phil Burkhill said: “Walking our beautiful coast line. Walk from Seacombe to West Kirby as much as possible sometimes continue to Hilbre island.”

Wirral Globe: New Brighton beachNew Brighton beach

Jean Searlie agreed, she commented: “I just love being by the sea having amazing beaches fresh air and plenty of places to take your children without costing a fortune.”

Martyn Greenwood added: “I used to love Thurstaston Common as a kid and the toad rock. After living in Powys now for 3 years, I miss the beaches on Wirral more thinking about it!”

Melvyn Williams said: “Beautiful parks coastal walks and beaches 3 theaters museums and plenty of outdoor spaces what more do you need.”

Being close to two cities

With Wirral being 10.5km to Liverpool and 31.6km to Chester residents really do get the best of both worlds.

Hayley Clarke said: “2 fabulous cities to chose from Liverpool or Chester.”

Graham Bullock commented: “We have beaches, countryside and are within short trips to The Lake District, North Wales, The Peak District a World Heritage site in Liverpool and an ancient city in Chester.”

Wirral Globe: Museum of LiverpoolMuseum of Liverpool

The people

One thing is for sure, no matter if you leave the Wirral or have lived here you whole life. The people never change.

Ellie wilson said: “The people for sure, after moving away for 5 years and coming back, I realised it was the people I missed the most.”

Wirral Globe:

Denise Franklin commented: “The diversity of the Peninsula and how beautiful it is.”

Stella Greenshields added: “The lovely people.”

Green spaces

Wirral is full of them.

Wirral Globe:

Sarah Law said: “Storeton woods and the quarry, the coasts, Eastham woods too because you can see Liverpool from the right spot.”

Deborah McCarthy said: “Beautiful Birkenhead Park.”

The sunsets

Carol Gardner commented: “Sunsets over Hilbre, scenery and Wirral Way.”

Wirral Globe: Globe reader captures sunset over Liverpool

The views

Whether it’s the Liverpool skyline or a beautiful beach sunset, an amazing view is just around the corner.

Beryl Craig said: “Love the view of Liverpool from the ferry when on the way home from the Wirral.”

Wirral Globe:


Wirral is home to popular football team Tranmere Rovers who have been an important feature in Wirral's culture since 1884.

Wirral Globe:


Busses, trains and ferries – no matter where you need to get to the Wirral has it covered.

Wirral Globe:

Jane Stevens said: “We have everything on our door step a great bus service and train service, it’s only when you visit other places that you realise how lucky we are.”

Andrew Bridge added: “The view from woodside. And a great transport system.”

If you have a reason as to why you love the Wirral that didn't make this list comment below.