Demolition has started to make way for a new a new church building on Telegraph Road which is set to open in summer 2022.

The Lighthouse Church will replace the old Church of Good Shepherd and the Parish Hall which are beyond economic repair.

The new building will be a bright, light building with glass frontage which is designed to serve and enrich the community of Heswall.

A spokesperson from the church said: “We hope that by rebuilding our community in the middle of Heswall, this will benefit everyone.

Wirral Globe: The old building The old building

“Including Shopkeepers seeing a greater footfall; Farmer’s market; Elderly people coming to a singing café where they can overcome loneliness and sing old time songs; Mothers and toddlers; Youth clubs; Courses such as parenting courses and space for Counselling services for those in need.”

Inside the new space there will be facilities available including a sports hall, meeting rooms, youth hub and a place to meet and make friends.

Over £2million has been raised so far through the people of Heswall and the final cost of the build will be £2.4million.

The spokesperson added: “Following lockdown, we want to rebuild community, to care for one another, and to meet the spiritual needs of people as well as their wellbeing.”

They added: “As we come to open at the end of summer 2022 we will be looking for volunteers, people to hire rooms, start activities such as weight management and fitness.

“We already have significant plans which will crystalize over the coming year.

“We will also have special events as it opens to encourage the community to feel that this is their building to develop a cohesive community in Heswall and enrich our lives.”