A mentoring programme supporting some of the most vulnerable and at-risk children in Wirral has been given a funding boost.

Because of widespread funding cuts, the Hive is looking for external support to help fund some of their projects.

Thanks to backing from the Birkenhead-based organisation's newest patron, Bridging Finance Solutions, a year's salary has now been earmarked for the Hive's Mentor, whose role sees them manage up to 45 mentees.

Stuart Barnes, chief executive of the Hive explained: "Our mentoring project is a critical part of the support we provide.

"Our mentors offer support to young people aged between eight and 19 years old (up to 25 with additional needs and disabilities) who face a range of issues and challenging circumstances including; family breakdown, exclusion from mainstream education or engagement in antisocial or criminal activity.

Wirral Globe:

Steve Barber, managing director of Bridging Finance Solutions, with Sandra Platt, head of mentoring at the Hive

"The co-ordination and management of our team of volunteer mentors is incredibly labour intensive and challenging.

"Volunteer mentors undergo a rigorous screening and training programme before they are carefully matched with their mentee.

"They are then given a high level of support and guidance overseeing the mentor and young person relationship, offering additional guidance on issues that may need further external support.

“Without the Mentor Co-ordinator, we wouldn’t essentially be able to offer a mentor service which would have a huge impact on the increasing numbers of young people needing our help.

"We are absolutely delighted by BFS' decision to fund our Mentoring Project for a full year, we can't thank them enough for their incredible support.

"Thanks to Bridging Finance Solutions we are now able to continue to deliver essential work with the many young people who’ve come to rely on us.”

Steve Barber, managing director of Bridging Finance Solutions explained: "As a Wirral based business, for us it’s incredibly important to work with and support local charities.

"We visited the Hive and it had a huge impact on us all. From our discussions, we found that the ideal way to make a real difference would be to help retain the brilliant team that work there.

"For us, this is only the start of our relationship with Hive and we look forward to working closely with them in the coming year and beyond.

"They are a brilliant charity that deserve the support of local enterprise and the wider community – we’re proud to be able to play a role in their continued evolution."