There will be planned changes and overnight closures to both the Queensway (Birkenhead) and Kingsway (Wallasey) Mersey Tunnels this week.

Mersey Travel say the Queensway tunnel will be closed to all traffic on the following nights whilst essential maintenance work is carried out.

From 9.00pm on Monday, June 7 until 6.30am on Tuesday, June 8

From 9.00pm on Tuesday, June 8 until 6.30am on Wednesday, June 9

From 9.00pm on Wednesday, June 9 until 6.30am on Thursday, June 10

From 9.00pm on Thursday, July 10 until 6.30am on Friday, June 11

The Kingsway tunnel will also be subject to contraflow whilst Mersey Travel undertake essential maintenance work.

The above information may be subject to change you can find out up to date information here.