A children's play area left to rot after lockdown has sparked anger from a local resident.

The children’s play area on Price Street in Birkenhead was closed during the first national lockdown.

Like many across the region as coronavirus restrictions started to ease play parks for children started to reopen.

However, the play area on Price Street has remained chained closed to members of the public.

Local resident, Irene Riley says the way the park has been left is a disgrace.

She said: “The swings have been taken out and the seesaw has never been replaced.

Wirral Globe: The swings are yet to be replacedThe swings are yet to be replaced

“The overgrown grass hasn’t been cut in over 12 months.

“It is a disgrace and no one has any answers. Our kids have nowhere to play.

“When I drive around Wirral and see the other wonderful play areas and then look at what has been done in Ilchester Square it just upsets me.”

Wirral Globe:

The Globe approached Wirral Council for a comment.

A spokesperson from the Council said: “This playground is scheduled for refurbishment as part of this year’s programme.

“The work will be completed within the financial year.”