A stone bee in a children’s playground in Greasby has been restored after it was vandalised by a gang of youths in December last year.

The much loved ‘Greasbee’ was installed in Coronation Park during a revamp of the space which saw residents raise £25,000 as part of a community campaign in 2018.

However, last winter a group of teenagers destroyed the children’s bee.

Susan Mashall, a Greasby resident, said many toddlers and parents were distraught at the damage to the bee.

She said: “My granddaughter couldn’t understand what had happened to it when she saw the damage.

“I told her some bad older boys had damaged it and it wouldn’t be repaired until the weather was better.

“It was quite hard to explain to a toddler what’s happened when they’re just learning about nature.”

Susan tells the Globe that residents have been complaining about disruptive behaviour happening in the area caused by teenagers using the park at night.

She added: “Hopefully the repaired bee will continue to give joy to the little children who love it so much.

“My granddaughter was overjoyed when we took her to the park and saw it had been repaired, she kept shouting ‘the bee has been fixed!’

“We all hope the bee will remain long enough that the children will be able to see it repaired and be as delighted as we are.”