An accounting firm based in Heswall has been supporting its creative sector clients through offering personal services to help them through the challenge of lockdown and Brexit.

ABCounting Ltd have been offering their clients a tailored and personal service which has helped them to grow and take advantage of the support to keep their business afloat.

Recent events have forced businesses to change the way their work with business owners having to dig deep during recent times.

Founder of ABCounting Ltd, Adam Bullen said: “We feel a lot of businesses like to boast about technology and efficiency of which we embrace, but we feel this is slightly counter-cultural, which is based on our personal service.

“We take time to understand the opportunities and the challenges our clients face and have the business knowledge to support the sector to advise that a lot of larger firms don’t.

“We’ve formed stronger relationships through the pandemic, with a great deal of empathy and being agile enough to support when we’ve had to react to the changing government decisions related to business support.”

Since the pandemic hit, businesses have had to find new ways of working while keeping up with the latest financial advice and assistance from the Government alongside dealing with new schemes such as furlough and a wave of loans and grant schemes which have not always been easy for business owners to understand or bid for.

Adam said: “It’s been a difficult twelve months, but we’ve been just as determined to ensure that the creative industry can thrive again and our clients can sleep at night and have the confidence to continue with their business plans.

“By being in tune with our client base, we’ve been able to fulfil their requirements, helping business owners and their employees to ride the storm.”