A Wirral-based podcast has been launched to encourage others to talk about their mental health.

The Proper Mental Podcast was launched by friends, Tom Davies and Chris Redmond, in February. The podcast releases new episodes every Monday on Spotify, Amazon and iTunes.

The friends found that chatting about their mental health helped them during their own struggles. They hope the podcast can inspire others to join them and normalise the conversation on mental health.  

Tom Davies said: “When you’re struggling, speaking out is so difficult. We use the word relatable a lot because were not experts, we can’t give people advice, but it’s the relatability of hearing other people.

“When Chris and I speak, we’re just two blokes in our late thirties, we both have kids and we both have jobs. We hope that people can relate to that.”

The Proper Mental Podcast has welcomed guests such as Bafta award winning filmmaker, Hannah Currie, and former Tranmere Rovers footballer, Alex Hay.

The friends also support the local community through their organisations specialising in physical and mental health.

Tom Davies is the founder of Movement Restored, which offers mobility classes, yoga and movement coaching to local residents. Chris Redmond is the director of not-for-profit organisation, Running Head First, which encourages mental wellbeing through physical activity.

Tom added: “It doesn’t really matter whether they’ve won a Bafta or ran the length of the UK. They’re a human being, they have these experiences and we’re just trying to show that it doesn’t really matter what your situation is, it’s normal.

“We said at the start, if one person finds us on social media at the right time and place and it gives them an hour to feel a bit better then we take that as a win.

“The fact that people are downloading and saying they are getting stuff out of it is fantastic. It has hit a lot more than we thought it would.”