PEOPLE who have a medical diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Conditions in Wirral are being urged to join a scheme designed to offer appropriate support.

Merseyside Police, in conjunction with Cheshire Autism Practical Support (ChAPS), has funded an Autism Attention Card.

Completed by the person or their carer and stored on the force's database, it is designed to provide details of their condition, triggers, behaviour traits and any beneficial support so officers and call handlers are aware of their conditions and can act accordingly should the person come into contact with the police.

PC Simon O'Brien and PC Phil Cragg maintain the system for Merseyside Police and go above and beyond their daily duties to help support those in Merseyside who are autistic.

PC O'Brien said: "We have been able to develop something that ensures whether officers deployed via radio room to an incident, or an individual is stop checked on the street, or brought into custody, staff have access to the written notes provided by the person with the condition and are fully briefed by them on how to give them the most appropriate support."

PC Cragg added: "The Autism Attention Card ensures that we as a force are acknowledging those with autism in our communities and making sure they are given the appropriate support.

"Autistic people's needs must have a voice in our communities and this card is just one of the steps we are taking to be more inclusive.”

Visit for more details on the cards and to sign up to the scheme.

Jo Garner, managing director of ChAPS, added: "We are very grateful for the work that Merseyside Police do to understand the needs of autistic people.

"It is imperative that support is given at critical times and the attention card is one way that we can support this need".