RESIDENTS and businesses who have spare IT kit are being encouraged to consider donating it to a council scheme to help Wirral’s children and young people keep learning at home.

Wirral Council has set up a device donation initiative ,‘Keep Kids Learning’, to give businesses and residents the ability to donate any spare kit they may have, or make financial donations to help buy new devices for children in need.

With many pupils now needing to learn remotely due to the latest lockdown, not all children and young people have access to the right devices to allow them to continue their education.

Leader of Wirral Council, Cllr, Janette Williamson said: ““It is important we do all we can to help our children get the tools they need to continue learning.

“Not having the right technology to be able to learn away from school is really detrimental to those children who are already disadvantaged due to poverty and inequality and I don’t want to see any Wirral child get left behind.”

This scheme follows the donation of council laptops that are not currently in use to schools and support from the authority to schools to ensure they were accessing all available IT from the Government.

An appointment only dedicated drop-off hub has been set up at Cheshire Lines Building in Birkenhead.

However, there are strict criteria for the devices to be accepted; devices must be in a good working condition, have the relevant charger included, and have all personal details and files removed.

Anyone wishing to donate a device, should book a date and time to drop off using the online form, from Monday 1 February.

People are also being encouraged to combine a drop-off with an essential journey, to minimise travel during lockdown.

Businesses who may be able to donate a number of devices, or anyone who would like to provide a financial contribution, should first email: Cllr Williamson said: “Wirral is a community that I’m immensely proud of, we pull together to help each those in need during difficult times. Due to the ongoing lockdown and many pupils needing to learn remotely, this is one of those times.”