Wirral councillors campaigning for tougher controls on fireworks have welcomed the Government’s decision to order a review of the noise they create.

Following a campaign by leading animal welfare charities, including the RSPCA, all parties on Wirral Council backed a motion brought by Wallasey Councillors Lesley Rennie, Ian Lewis and Paul Hayes to support tighter controls over fireworks. 

In response, the Government’s Business Department has confirmed that they have asked the Office for Product Safety and Standards to undertake a review over the maximum permitted strength of fireworks, including a reduction in the maximum permitted noise they generate, currently set at 120 decibels. 

Councillor Lesley Rennie said: “Following concerns raised with us by residents, we asked the Council to endorse the RSPCA’s campaign and I’m pleased that all councillors agreed to do so. The Government’s review is now collecting evidence from a wide range of organisations, including animal welfare charities.

 “We very much hope this will lead to action on the growth of industrial-strength fireworks that are no longer just used to mark Bonfire Night but are increasingly used to cause maximum disturbance to others, including pets and other animals.”