An 81-year-old man who travelled for his second coronavirus vaccination was left shocked and frustrated after being told on arrival "sorry we've got none left".

Pensioner Colin Middlebrough, from Bromborough, received his first vaccination jab on December 21 and was given a second 'booster' jab appointment for Monday, January 11.

But when he got to the Oval Leisure Centre in Bebington for his 1.50pm follow-up appointment, exactly three weeks after his first one, the experience was altogether different.

He told the Globe: "When I arrived I was asked was I coming for my first or second.

"I told them it was my second and then I was told they had run out of vaccine, but the fact that they asked me was it my first or second told me that they had the vaccine but only for first timers.

"I asked if they had my details on file, including my telephone number and they said they had, which begs the question why did they not contact me to tell me to not to bother coming?

Wirral Globe: 81-year-old Colin from Bromborough now doesn't know when he will get his second Covid vaccination jab81-year-old Colin from Bromborough now doesn't know when he will get his second Covid vaccination jab

"All this has a mental effect as I was geared up mentally and looking forward to receiving some protection. I'm very annoyed with the whole episode."

Mr Middlebrough, who was given the initial appointment by his local GP practice, Allport Surgery, asked staff at the leisure centre when they would be getting more stock of the second vaccine in, who told him it would be about two to three weeks. But he now doesn't have an appointment for the second jab and has been told to wait to to be contacted.

He also asked if he could get the second vaccination elsewhere in Wirral but was told that he is registered to the Oval Leisure Centre and cannot be transferred.

Mr Middlebrough added: "I was geared up and anxious to get the injection only to be told I’d wasted my journey. What a shambles. No communication and no empathy."

The Globe reported on January 2, that patients at Miriam Medical Centre in Birkenhead, who had received their first Covid vaccination before New Year's Day, would have their second vaccination appointments honoured - a policy that Dr Abhi Mantgani said was agreed across all sites in Wirral with the CCG.

The Globe has contacted Wirral CCG for comment.