An animal lover from Wirral started her business in a bid to combat her anxiety after the loss of fury companion.

After losing her Siberian Husky, Katishka, of 10 years in February 2019, Georgia Realey found herself struggling with severe anxiety.

With a history of battling mental health problems that led her to be house bound for two years, alongside losing her companion, Georgia began to attend therapy and started to search for a job to help her ease back into normal life.

Wirral Globe:

Georgia said: “I decided I needed to fill that empty hole in my heart, I still had a lot of love to give when it came to pets but didn't feel like I was ready to get one of my own.

“I've always been known as an animal lover and I wondered whether I could make it my career.”

After undertaking online courses, Georgia set up The Wirral Woof Pack in January 2020, a dog walking and pet sitting business.

She said: “When I finally began advertising my services I was scared of how it would turn out, but slowly I began to grow a customer base. I felt really overwhelmed by the response for my services.”

Wirral Globe: Eldest daughter Amelia walking LolaEldest daughter Amelia walking Lola

However, when the first national lockdown broke out in March 2020, Georgia, like most small businesses, felt like her journey had come to an end.

She said: “Luckily, when lockdown restrictions began to ease and I put in place my own safety precautions, my customers were more than happy to have me back. 

“I still feel really shocked that I even managed to open my business during a global pandemic, it has not been easy but I couldn't imagine not doing what I love.”

Now Georgia runs The Wirral Woof Pack with her partner and eldest child who help out on walks and caring for pets.

Wirral Globe:

“We are a huge pet loving family and it brings us so much joy being able to spend our time with pets, even if it is only an hour walk in the local park.

“I am very proud of all I have accomplished and I am now running a successful dog walking and pet sitting service. As much as I miss my Katishka, I am grateful to be able to spend my time with other peoples beloved pets, and treat them like my own.”