Wirral residents are furious about bin collection delays which have seen waste overflowing in the borough.

Many people from different parts of Wirral have reported rubbish piling up.

One Moreton resident said: “We are nearly a week behind and the whole estate between Town Meadow Lane and the rail tracks has been neglected, bin bags and rubbish are piling up in the streets.

“As we are close to the rail tracks and the Arrowe Brook stream, soon we will have pest problems in the streets.”

Posting on Facebook, another frustrated person said: “Last week half the street was emptied and they left the others.

“When I rang on Thursday I was told [the bins] would be emptied on Friday. I’m still waiting and now we have the green bin to be emptied this Thursday which I can’t see happening.

“This is not fair, if we owed our Council Tax we wouldn’t be given more time to pay it we would be taken to court.”

As well as rubbish piling up, many were annoyed that the online system for reporting missed collections was itself experiencing delays.

Responding to a Facebook post by Wirral Council, one person said: “The link won’t work. I have tried a few times now bins [still] haven’t been emptied [when] they were due last Thursday [in] Springdale Close, Moreton. Can we have an update on this please, bins in the road all overflowing?”

They were not alone, another Facebook post read: “I have also tried to fill out a form but it says invalid, as collection was due more than 3 working days ago! My entire road’s bins have been out for 6 days now.”

Biffa is contracted to run Wirral’s bin collection service by the council.

The waste management company was approached for comment, but did not respond by the time this article was published.

A spokesperson for Wirral Council, said: “The issues that Biffa have had with an element of their workforce are continuing to impact on bin collections in Wirral.

“We have already made it clear to Biffa management that this is unacceptable, and there needs to be a resolution to this situation at the earliest opportunity; we are talking to them again this morning to reiterate our position.

“In the meantime, missed collections are being caught up on, but this means some scheduled collections are happening later than normal – in a small number of cases, they are being delayed until the following day.”