A WOMAN who collapsed on West Kirby beach died of an overdose, an inquest heard.

Passers-by rushed to the aid of Candice Gillian Wallace who was found muttering and drifting in and out of consciousness in July this year.

The 32-year-old from Noctorum Avenue, Noctorum was pronounced dead at Arrowe Park Hospital despite efforts to resuscitate her.

An inquest at Wallasey Town Hall heard that she was found with beer cans and empty tablet foils strewn around her.

A post mortem revealed that Ms Wallace, who was unemployed, had consumed toxic levels of prescribed clomipramine.

She had a history of depression and possible schizophrenia and suffered a miscarriage in 2006.

Wirral Coroner Christopher Johnson said: "There is no evidence to indicate the circumstances in which the drugs were taken and there is nothing to lead me to conclude that Ms Wallace intended to harm herself.

"I therefore record that the deceased died from self administered clomipramine toxicity. "