A website that helps children learn about Wirral’s Viking history has been redeveloped and turned into a web application.

The highly successful and popular original web resource, Vikings in Wirral, was released in 2006 by Wallasey-born Professor Stephen Harding and colleagues at the Wirral Learning Grid team, receiving international acclaim including from The Times’ Education Supplement.

Thousands of Wirral schoolchildren have benefited from the unique resource.

Wirral Globe:

14 years later, the site has been completely overhauled and updated and now operates as a WebApp from desktop and laptop computers and mobile phones.

Prof. Harding said: “The new site – which should be of interest to youngsters and oldsters alike - is very easy to use and navigate and gets the big thumbs up from my 10-year-old granddaughter – a big thank you to the rest of the team including Mike McCartney, Sue Warwick, Steve Wang, Yan Sun and Jessica Hesketh.

“A Viking character Ingimund – named after Wirral’s first Viking leader - takes us right through the history and science behind Wirral’s great Viking story.

“There are also many games and if you’re keen to follow a topic we have put together over 80 Youtube videos for you to watch which are constantly being updated and added too.”

Wirral Globe: Professor Stephen HardingProfessor Stephen Harding

Advantage has been taken of all the local discoveries including the overwhelming DNA evidence and Viking Archaeology.

Clare Allport, Teacher at St. Peters School, Heswall, said: “Part of the History National Curriculum at Key Stage Two is a local history study and what better place to start than examining the impact the Vikings had on the Wirral after they invaded in 902AD.

“The children find it incredible that there is still evidence all around them today of Viking place names, Viking treasures and Viking battles.

“The Vikings in Wirral website has been an invaluable resource in our study of this topic, put together in a way that is child-friendly but also ensures their knowledge of this important time in the history of Wirral is developed and built upon.

"It is also teacher-friendly as it has everything you need to teach this topic all in one place.

"Thank you to Stephen Harding and his team for all the hard work that has gone into this fabulous resource”.

To find our more, visit: vikingsinwirral.co.uk