A PET food bank in Wirral is on 'brink of closure' and needs Globe readers' help in a bid to prevent its doors shutting for good.

Pawz In Need Wirral was founded in March 2019 by Vikki Thomas, who noticed that many animals at rescue centres came from loving family homes.

But the Oxton-based charity - which has seven volunteer drivers that drop off food or other items, such as cat or dog toys, to needy pets across the borough - has hit upon hardship, because of the coronavirus pandemic, and cannot afford to carry out its work for much longer.

Vikki told the Globe: "Over the last couple of months it's been incredibly busy, with people self-isolating or people that are on furlough; people that just generally can't afford to feed their pets at the moment.

"Currently, as it stands, we wanted to become self-sufficient by setting up our own charity shop and not have to keep begging for money every month, which is what we have done for the last year.

"But we cannot afford that at the moment, that's out of the window, and are on the brink of closure.

"Donations are very slow. We're lucky if we get £5 if I put an appeal up on Facebook.

"We are a very new charity and our accounts haven't gone in yet, so a lot of the big grant companies, etc, won't fund us because of that.

"We became a registered charity in March 2019, and our accounts aren't due in until the end of December, but are they are not on track because of covid.

"At best, we have enough funding for three weeks maximum, which is why we are at the brink."

This charity relies entirely on donations from the public.

And it is sometimes the case that the cat or dog is not the only one in need. Vikki explained: "It's not just about pets.

"We've been known to go out and buy food for the pet's owner too.

"Many of the people we help are self-isolating and, in some cases, we are their only point of contact. My worry is what would happen to them if Paws In Need was to go in three weeks' time.

"Our volunteer drivers also need to be paid for petrol, we wouldn't expect them to fund it themselves.

"Most of them won't accept the money to cover petrol, but some travel as far as Aintree and Widnes.

"So I would expect them to claim back for that."

And ways of raising have also been badly hit by the current situation.

Vikki said: "Because of the pandemic, we have been unable to hold any fundraising events, such as car boot sales, etc.

"This year, we have been reduced to begging on Facebook. That's not how it should be.

"We need help.

"We're okay for at the moment, but we need more cat food and funds."

If you can help Pawz.in.need.wirral@gmail.com or go to: https://www.facebook.com/pawzinneedwirral/