Amateur football can continue in Wirral under tier three lockdown restrictions, providing strict Covid-19 rules are adhered to.

Wirral Council has moved to clarify its position this evening after different rules affecting tier two and tier three areas left some clubs and leagues in some uncertainty as to whether they could compete this weekend.

In a statement sent to the Globe, the local authority said: “The new Tier 3 regulations state that outdoor sports can continue, as long as they are undertaken in line with COVID-secure guidance.

"The national and regional governing bodies of specific sports, such as the FA, RFU, LTA and England Netball etc, are also issuing their own guidance for their area. It is up to individuals, sports teams and clubs to consider the guidance issued by their governing bodies before deciding whether they should participate.

“However, the government – under the new Tier 3 regulations – advises against travel in or out of the Tier 3 area, except for work, education or youth services, to meet caring responsibilities or if you are travelling through as part of a longer journey.”

Earlier today, the Warrington Junior Football League, which is based in what is currently a tier two area but includes some Wirral teams, suspended all football fixtures over concerns that some of their teams had fixtures in tier three areas.