A WIRRAL war veteran's campaign to have his former enemies' courage and dedication officially recognised by their Government is the subject of a new documentary.

The Forgotten Men Of The Falklands War - due for release next year - is the true story of Edward Denmark's fight for justice and is described by its producers as "a documentary for change".

To see the trailer, click here: https://www.facebook.com/forgottenmenfalklands/

Edward, from Moreton, has terminal blood cancer and fought in the Falklands as a Rapier Missile Operator in 1982 (pictured, below), before going on to serve in Northern Ireland.

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In The Falklands he was responsible for shooting down enemy jets and his rapier shot down one enemy jet, with his regiment shooting down 14 in total.

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Edward Denmark during recent return to the Falklands

He retired, due to injury, after serving in Northern Ireland and went on to write books about his military career.

In 2016, Edward decided to get in touch with some of the Argentinian soldiers he once fought against in The Falklands War. He discovered that those who fought on The Falklands Islands were recognised for their efforts, but those who fought on the Argentinian mainland were not.

He learned that many have, in fact, lived in poverty for the last 37 years - without any pension or national healthcare.

In contrast, all British soldiers who fought in The Falklands have been recognised for their service to their country.

Edward was diagnosed with terminal blood cancer in 2015 and aims to help bring about justice for his former enemy before he dies.

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Edward Denmark during recent treatment

The Forgotten Men Of The Falklands War charts that campaign.

He said: "After hearing about the plight of my former enemies and the fact that they have been left unrecognised for 37 years, I decided this was unjust and morally wrong.

"Using a newly found friend and Argentinian veteran, Julio Herrera Vidal, I offered my support in the fight to get these men recognised for their courage and dedication to their country."

It is the tale of incredible pilgrimage as he brings his fight into to the public eye and meets many of the Argentinian veterans in the process - with some heart warming moments captured.

In January 2020, Edward travelled to Argentina along with local journalist, Justin Hopper of La Vida Liverpool online magazine and appeared on the biggest news channels, radio stations and newspapers in the country to promote the documentary.

Justin Hopper said: "The Forgotten Men Of The Falklands War is a ground-breaking and unique documentary about friendship, forgiveness, honour, war and injustice.

"In addition to the main aim of the documentary, it aims to tell the story of The Falklands War like never before and strengthen the relationship between the UK and Argentina - bringing about a better understanding of their culture and showcasing the beauty of its country and people."

The trailer has now been released and has been shown on the biggest news channel in Argentina, TN news, and will be shared in the UK and throughout South America, with extensive coverage anticipated – the story has already featured in the mainstream media in Argentina and regionally here in the UK earlier this year.

A team of successful and highly talented Liverpool filmmakers has been assembled and funding is now being pursued for the completion of the full feature length documentary.

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The documentary team includes Edward Denmark, Julio Herrera Vidal VGM, Justin Hopper (La Vida Liverpool), Andy Taylor & EM J Carter (ATS Films), Amy Hones, Frank Johnson & Andy Allchurch (Mosaic Media), Phil Perez (Vibrant Videography), Barry Fearns and Charlie Breton

Justin Hopper continued: "Plans are in place for filming and interviews locally, at the Argentinian Embassy in London and in Argentina where we intend to meet government officials.

"The Forgotten Men Of The Falklands War is a story like no other and the documentary is set to captivate audiences across the globe with the emotional subjects it covers."