A New Brighton pub has publicly displayed its disapproval for the government's tier three lockdown measures by renaming the premises.

As of today, The James Atherton pub in New Brighton has a new sign, featuring the faces of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, senior advisor Dominic Cummings and Health Secretary Matt Hancock. Below the image, the pub has been re-named 'The Three B***ends'.

CEO of Rockpoint Leisure, Daniel Davies, took to Twitter to share the novel rebranding.

Wirral Globe: The James Atherton pub displays its temporary new name. Photo: TwitterThe James Atherton pub displays its temporary new name. Photo: Twitter

He said: "Rockpoint Leisure is calling on pubs across the land to follow us and do a temporary name change (for the duration of Marshal Law) to reflect the mood of the nation. Let’s get some name ideas going!"

It is unclear whether more pubs will follow The James Atherton's lead, but the gesture was met with approval by several on Twitter.

One user said: "I've never been there but this is now my favourite pub."

Pubs that do not serve food as main meals from lunch or evening meal menus have been forced to close in Wirral as from today, under the tier three restrictions imposed across the Liverpool City Region.